Reverend Monique Tarver

WRAP Facilitator
Oakland , CA
United States

Reverend Monique Tarver is P.E.E.R.S. Spirituality Liaison for the Social Inclusion Campaign and WRAP Facilitator.  She has been instrumental in leading the efforts to recognize spirituality as a resource and tool in wellness and recovery by coordinating spirituality projects, events, and activities in Alameda County for the past since 2008. Monique started the first WRAP groups in spiritual communities in Alameda County. 

She is excited to bring her passion to a unique position that offers consumers and family members the comfort of bringing together all the important aspects of their being to enhance wellness and recovery. As a survivor of mental health distress and family member, Monique uses her experiences both in the mental health system and faith/spiritual community to advocate for the collaboration of these communities to allow for a holistic approach to wellness and recovery. She was instrumental in planning and organizing Northern California’s first Mental Health and Spirituality Conference in 2009, which brought together more than 600 consumers, family members, spiritual community leaders, and mental health providers in unity to explore the benefits of the inclusion of spirituality in wellness and recovery.