Marion Perrie

Dundalk , LT

I am a Law graduate with a passion for working with people and the community. I have experience working as a residential social worker and in community healthcare. I am a certified GirLife Facilitatorⓒ for the empowerment of girls and young women. I am also an advocate for Fitness, and in my spare time I can be found in a studio teaching dance and fitness classes or relaxing with a good book. My personal journey has given me a burning passion to use my experiences and victories to give others hope and empowerment. I have seen the miracle of WRAP in my own life. It is a great resource suitable for everyone who is seeking answers and fulfilment. WRAP has been a life changing resource for me and those I have shared it to.I have infused the concepts and values of WRAP in my life and it has allowed me find the power I always knew I had within. I consider this program to be a wonderful and simple tool that anyone and everyone can use. My goal is to reach out to diverse populations and to provide a supportive mutual learning environment so everyone can reach their full potential. I would like to help others find the value of WRAP for themselves.