Joe Maga

Joe Maga
WRAP Facilitator
Fresno , CA
United States

Hello, my name is Joe Maga! Let me start by saying I am excited to be a WRAP Facilitator. I had my first experience with WRAP a few years back when I witnessed a facilitator help a group create their own WRAP's. At the time, I remember thinking what a great program this WRAP is and now here I am a WRAP Facilitator.
I am currently the Program Development Coordinator with Kingsview YEC program. I love WRAP. I love what is does for people who are on their way to self discovery and self care. I love how the concept of WRAP is tailor made to the individual person. Since starting, I have had the privilege of facilitating WRAP and watching it unfold in the lives of both adults and youth. I also have a WRAP plan for myself in which I am free to continue to see what works and doesn't work in my life.