Frederick M. Gantt

WRAP Facilitator
La Mesa , CA
United States

As an active duty/reservist with combat and medical trauma backgrounds, I can perhaps relate to some of your experiences.  You may find my years of education, training, and military multi-campaign exposure a resource to help you glean the spiritual and natural wisdom needed for more successful post-military living – especially with a past involving trauma. Many of today’s Veterans need assistance for a fulfilling post-service quality-of-life.  Traumatic events during military service may raise questions about how to see answers and obtaining resources “beyond themselves” – beyond the psycho-social dimension. This is where Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) comes in!  As your WRAP Facilitator and Peer Specialist, I can guide you through your treatment process with understanding of five key elements designed for your success.    With the trauma behind you, and your whole life ahead of you, your mission – should you accept it, is to reclaim your future.  You are not defined by your past!  I encourage and invite you to include a consideration of these powerful principles as part of your present and long-term self-care. Working together as a team, we will realize that beyond all challenges…There is hope!