Diane L. Todd (Ph.D.)

WRAP Facilitator
Tomah , WI
United States
A Midwesterner born and raised (Nebraska). My emotional differences were clear to my parents, teachers, and myself on the first day of Kindergarten. While ALL the other kids buzzed around in an activity called “being a bee” or some such thing, I struggled with my level of anxiety and embarrassment at the thought of it. With little drive to seek out a social life, I got good grades, except in the activities I refused. It wasn’t until after I had my first (of five) children and focused treatment for some very dark and morbid thoughts that I was able to gain the insight to start putting together a plan to manage. It was not nearly as elegant/effective as a WRAP, but allowed me to “pass” in the world of the emotionally main stream. Because I have a fabulously supportive family, I was able to complete my Ph.D., get licensed as a Clinical Psychologist, and enter a career focused on others. I worked in State Psychiatric Hospitals for about 15 years, worked for the USAF (six years) as a contract psychologist and program manager for the Pre/Post Deployment Health Assessments. Since September of 2012, I have had the privilege to be the Local Recovery Coordinator (LRC) at Tomah VAMC in Wisconsin. This year was my first experience at the WRAP around the World Conference, and I was able to take advantage of the Facilitator Training offered after the conference. I look forward to many years of promoting WRAP and Recovery!