Chris LaBrusciano

Chris LaBrusciano
WRAP Facilitator
Calais , VT
United States

As a young child in his first school days Chris’s teacher noted how he had supported a fellow student who was struggling and overwhelmed by emotional challenges. Through his own traumatic life experiences he had begun developing awareness and coping skills that he was able to share with his peers. Later on in his secondary school (teen years) he was chosen to be part of a group trained as “peer counselors” in the late 70’s. After years of food and retail management Chris realized he wanted to use his life skills as a support person for individuals struggling with integration and challenging behaviors. The past twelve years have found him employed as a professional peer support person and advocate and also a yoga instructor at a consumer operated peer support center. Trauma awareness and the myriad of coping skills we are capable of developing for survival inform his world view. The belief in hope, balance and re-alignment as natural processes keep his focus on wellness, both in his own life and for those he supports.

“There is no us and them, we are all parts of the same, connected and unique”

Certified as Wrap facilitator Chris also has been trained in IPS, Wellness Engagement, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Psychodrama and Sociometry, Cranio Sacral therapy, Yoga and Energy Medicine